Welcome to the Lithish Website!

Happy to have you.

Hi! I'm Lithish, also known as Xan Farley. By day, I'm a game designer and writer, currently working on Critter Cove. By night, I'm an illustrator and graphic designer. There's a lot of overlap in there, but don't worry about it. It's fine!

This site and its subdomains are a work in progress! They'll get there eventually.

Games Portfolio

Need a narrative designer? I have 5+ years of industry experience and a deep expertise of storytelling that's sure to complement any team.

Art & Graphics

Or maybe you're looking for art? My graphics and illustrations are evocative and vibrant, made to bring your vision to life. Come see for yourself!

Personal Website

But if you want a more laid-back look into who I am and what I do, look over here! I have a blog, some shrines, and hopefully even more soon!

Social Links